Imperator Latein Quiz Der Imperator Latein Quiz mit 5720 Vokabeln für 1 bis 2 Spieler
Latein spielerisch als Quiz mit Animation lernen
12 Stufen und 5 Schwierigkeitsgrade sind frei wählbar
Sammeln Sie Münzen und steigen Sie in den 9 Rängen bis zum Imperator auf

Imperator Latin Quiz

With this innovative Latin Vocabulary Quiz, you can collect points (sesterces) by giving correct answers, and you climb in nine steps from the lowest rank of Civis to Imperator.

For this it is necessary to know as many Latin words as possible and to tick the correct answer in the multiple-choice system.

You can select 9 free learning levels (from beginner to state exam) and 6 different levels of difficulty. The more difficult the setting, the more sesterces can be gained per round.

The app can be played either alone or you can challenge somebody to a duel on the same device.

The available languages are: Latin-English and Latin-German.

The vocabulary of over 5700 words was compiled by didactic and professional scientific criteria.

The Imperator Latin quiz is suitable for pupils and students, and provides you with:

The over 5700 words are distributed differently over the 9 learning stages: 1. Civis: 200, 2. Candidatus: 320, 3. Quaestor: 400, 4. Aedil: 600, 5. Praetor: 800, 6. Propraetor: 1000, 7. Consul: 1000, 8. Proconsul: 800, 9. Imperator: 600. For a price of USD 2.99 (without any annoying ads or in-app sales) you have a lot of fun, and above all, you use the app voluntary, which makes learning Latin words even more fun."



  • A simple and intuitive operability
  • Freely selectable learning units
  • Short rounds
  • Increasing motivation by gaining points and ranks
  • Science-based vocabulary database with more than 5700 words
  • A steep learning curve
  • Marks for pronunciation assistance
  • Didactic learning levels
  • Sound effects, animated features, different skins